Storms don’t always create visible damage to your home.Despite the frequency of severe weather in Missouri and Illinois the majority of area homeowners are unaware that their property has sustained serious storm damage or simply choose not to fix it.

This undiagnosed storm damage can lead to major, costly repairs down the road.

For example, a small roof leak left untreated can lead to tens of thousands of dollars in home repairs in the future. Our storm restoration team members are fully trained to address the storm damage in your home and create a plan that will eliminate restore your home to its full value.


It doesn’t take a flooding river to severely damage your home. Burst pipes, plumbing leaks and many more water issues can cause both visible and invisible damages. Whether a disaster or a backed up sewer, immediate concerns focus on temporary, protective measures such as shoring to prevent structural collapse, boarding-up to secure the building and removing water and unwanted debris.

Impact Roofing and Restoration excels at responding quickly to these urgent needs so that your home and its contents can be protected from further damage. But once these initial needs are met, a new challenge presents itself: restoration and reconstruction work to make the property functional again.


Call the fire restoration experts for St. Louis, Southern Illinois.

We understand you are anxious to begin the cleaning and restoration process immediately after the fire has been eliminated. However, unless you seek professional advice, you may be doing much more harm to the structure than good.

Fire damage restoration is a multi-phase process, and it’s vitally important that the process begins within hours of the damage. Our damage restoration professionals are fully trained to address the fire damage in your home and create a plan that will eliminate odors and damage, restore your salvageable property, and minimize future disaster restoration damages to your home.